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the problems of this world …. are easily solved !

we have the technology available to >>>

travel around the world with out any energy consumption !
travel on land > with water powered trains and bicycles !
travel rivers with solar power boats !

to preventing any floods > though having every where dams
with many a fish and a power station !

climatize our homes and facturies …. practically with out any power
through geo / evaporation technology !

further more > we have the values already to guarantee >>>

human dignity and through this we have the means to stop any crime
be fore such will arise ….

so there will be no need to waste any planet
because of competing with each other ….
under this darwinian rule in affect now !

because > today > one criminel individual > group > nation
is compeating with the other stupidity

to even having an existance ….
because crime pays > and only crime or stupidity …. can exist !

so we need …. a global authority > to guarantee human dignity first !
because only … if all of this world … has the same new order and values
can any honest individual … group … or nation survive !

can we hope > we will be having an infinite destiny

homo sapiens?


it is not … that those masses are insane >
so actually the opposite of rational !

but all of them ? …. competingly criminal ….
which should be condemned by every law authority !

since they are all ? …. a general danger to this world > since inhuman!
condemning each other …. to state forced labor  >

forcing each other …. to drug selling > toxins > narcotics >
and buying those ! …. in absence of any thing else to do >

entertainment >>> artificial > visual and hot sounds !
for the distraction of this gruesome reality …..

traveling to other mass delusion centers !
or the really big delusional freedom>

the patient nature …. and their ” loving ” animals !
the certified freedom from ” humanity ” …..

there is no personal solution available >

for the problems coming up this century !

no group will be surviving > no lokal ... regional politics will work
no single nation will survive .... no continent !

and no united bandit organization can save this world
only some inteligent civilization can possible have the solution >
since this planetary population are just all dodos 

meaning darwinian selections > just capable of a stone age way of life
not managing this technological mass production insanity !

those billions of idiots will end all life on this planet 
if they will not start to listen to us .... soon !

but why should they be inteligent enough ... to do this ???