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why all this destruction ?


how can this world crime be possible ?

of course because this is not a humanity
but xx million organized crime groups !

the hypocritical and seemingly successful
quite paranoid to pursue their conceit procurement orgy

and everything else is categorically hidden from !
so no real legal instances > no valid religions
certainly not any one  successful

but only guaranteed criminal interests
for every organized group

they never can be responsive
will never guarantee a responsible society

who will never save a world

never impress any homo sapiens
never appreciate such

but only the conceit procurement
being the best criminal group !
to recreate every day ….


the condition on this planet is so gruesome >

every human will be tormented to his death before he is one year old !
in fact traumatized > so he will never be able to really see reality as is ...
will then be trying to become a success story in the eye of his environment >
but ofcource being a total failure if considering the ultimate law of creation !

>>> to using creation only as designed by creation <<<

so ... becoming a criminal for life !
because what ever honorable he will be trying to do 
will not being accepted by this planet of satan ! 

thereby ... any thing criminal > damaging the environment
damaging humans ... beyond repair >>>

will being cherished by those masses of insanity !
because those will only being enticed when seeing a catastrophe ...
because they are trapped as well by their illness ...
of being a product of this gruel environment !

everything therefore nothing >>> real ...
only this mirage > of sparkle !

with which they then squander one world after the other 
in a few hundred years

they could be lasting xxxx million years > with all humane life !
not have to be sick competitively > mentally disturbed in character
if not physical ill ... zombies of their traumatizing !

and this knowledge we have to bring forward
not how to make career to annihilate > everything ...
and still be stupid enough >>>

not to even notice !


in contrast ... conditions in any society on any planet in any galaxy 
under our domain are so heavenly > no one would ever be breaking any law !
would never be breaking any thing > let alone breaking humans >
considering no evil ... ever !

because we are the guardians of this universe ...
being the guardians of creation !


you may well be having the aspiration of wanting to be doing no damage !
of helping even ... of being the guardian of creation ...

but just look at your doings > your drinking > your eating > damaging your health !
climate control of your buildings > your traveling > wasting your energies > resources >
looking for no real solutions ... all evil !

most of all > nobody should be working more then 4 hours a day on his profession
then to grow and harvest what he will be eating a few hours every day 
and then helping to cook meals !

and never bake or fry any thing > boil eggs at under 200 f
the rest at up to boiling temperature .....

or to many vitally needed vitamins are destroyed !

organized criminals …. unite >

to spoil themselves and their bandit hussy 

meanwhile …. they compete paranoidly >
to destroy each human any dissidence ….

so no bandit constitutional court to becomming active
if these bandit republic>

> senselessly creates work …. that for every one provable>
> licensing predatory beast to
be rushing on every human !

> the climate gasing making manditory >
> squander the resources …. contaminate the environment

> making humans submissive with psycho drugs

> have slaughter celebrations > completely unnecessary
since these diseases created by themselves …. meanwhile ….
cures known for decades ….

because this organized criminels >
are the guardian of this organised crime …. not human rights !

and just as unresponsive > as those hundreds of millions
of read and write competents ?

are all these other nations > some of them have even >
the organizierte crime as their state religion !

the final touch of this whole insanity >>>
this high quality criminal probaganda

and this whole global …. entertainment industry ….
all these artifices responsible for >

that this delusion of the rule of humanity
can even exist …..

meanwhile …. each mentally recovering>
developing a full consciousness  

will exit from this hopelessness>
will  be getting ill > forced into psychiatry
or will get to be even violent >>>

because he only meets all those insane !
since only confirmations for this mass insanity exist

the problems of this world …. are easily solved !

we have the technology available to >>>

travel around the world with out any energy consumption !
travel on land > with water powered trains and bicycles !
travel rivers with solar power boats !

to preventing any floods > though having every where dams
with many a fish and a power station !

climatize our homes and facturies …. practically with out any power
through geo / evaporation technology !

further more > we have the values already to guarantee >>>

human dignity and through this we have the means to stop any crime
be fore such will arise ….

so there will be no need to waste any planet
because of competing with each other ….
under this darwinian rule in affect now !

because > today > one criminel individual > group > nation
is compeating with the other stupidity

to even having an existance ….
because crime pays > and only crime or stupidity …. can exist !

so we need …. a global authority > to guarantee human dignity first !
because only … if all of this world … has the same new order and values
can any honest individual … group … or nation survive !

can we hope > we will be having an infinite destiny

homo sapiens?


it is not … that those masses are insane >
so actually the opposite of rational !

but all of them ? …. competingly criminal ….
which should be condemned by every law authority !

since they are all ? …. a general danger to this world > since inhuman!
condemning each other …. to state forced labor  >

forcing each other …. to drug selling > toxins > narcotics >
and buying those ! …. in absence of any thing else to do >

entertainment >>> artificial > visual and hot sounds !
for the distraction of this gruesome reality …..

traveling to other mass delusion centers !
or the really big delusional freedom>

the patient nature …. and their ” loving ” animals !
the certified freedom from ” humanity ” …..

there is no personal solution available >

for the problems coming up this century !

no group will be surviving > no lokal ... regional politics will work
no single nation will survive .... no continent !

and no united bandit organization can save this world
only some inteligent civilization can possible have the solution >
since this planetary population are just all dodos 

meaning darwinian selections > just capable of a stone age way of life
not managing this technological mass production insanity !

those billions of idiots will end all life on this planet 
if they will not start to listen to us .... soon !

but why should they be inteligent enough ... to do this ???