organized criminals …. unite >

to spoil themselves and their bandit hussy 

meanwhile …. they compete paranoidly >
to destroy each human any dissidence ….

so no bandit constitutional court to becomming active
if these bandit republic>

> senselessly creates work …. that for every one provable>
> licensing predatory beast to
be rushing on every human !

> the climate gasing making manditory >
> squander the resources …. contaminate the environment

> making humans submissive with psycho drugs

> have slaughter celebrations > completely unnecessary
since these diseases created by themselves …. meanwhile ….
cures known for decades ….

because this organized criminels >
are the guardian of this organised crime …. not human rights !

and just as unresponsive > as those hundreds of millions
of read and write competents ?

are all these other nations > some of them have even >
the organizierte crime as their state religion !

the final touch of this whole insanity >>>
this high quality criminal probaganda

and this whole global …. entertainment industry ….
all these artifices responsible for >

that this delusion of the rule of humanity
can even exist …..

meanwhile …. each mentally recovering>
developing a full consciousness  

will exit from this hopelessness>
will  be getting ill > forced into psychiatry
or will get to be even violent >>>

because he only meets all those insane !
since only confirmations for this mass insanity exist